Angie Zawada is a non-performing songwriter and composer of inspirational songs with a choral touch, if not entirely written for choir. Her songs are to pitch to artists and choirs interested in Conscious Pop music.

In cooperation with Studio Pros in Los Angeles: World Class Session Players on your Tracks, Zawada has directed the production of her 3 songs. The professional recording artists they provide have performed all lead and back-up vocals.

Zawada’s first song, Coming to Love, was televised around the world in December 2012 via The Shift Network. In addition, it was featured in their 2013 Catalyst #1 newsletter under ‘Movement News’ by Byron Belitsos. Beloved by many, this video has been featured at many private events in Canada, the United States and New Zealand, all intended to collectively inspire.  In September 2014, Coming to Love was performed live for the first time by Meredith McFadden at the Center for Spiritual Living in Ashland, OR, led by the best-selling spiritual author, Neale Donald Walsch.

With the release of When I Call in June 2013, including her first Gospel Choir recording comprised of twelve Montreal-based singers, Zawada was honoured to be the Featured Artist on the front page of Studio Pros: World Class Session Players on Your Tracks. This song has since been picked up for the forthcoming album of a female Pop-Crossover artist, Lauren Jelencovich.

Be Still was released in December 2014, and is an up-tempo, inspirational, Disney-esque pop song about the wonder of life. It features a choir of fourteen Montreal-based singers called the ‘Angels’ and ‘Funky Wonders’ for their respective choral sections.

In 2015, Angie Zawada finished the final edits of her first full-choir (SATB) composition: Hold me to this Place: a meditation for the Earth. She completed this by hand as her initiation into choral music notation. She also finalized the arrangement of her new inspirational pop song, Your Day Has Come.

In January, 2016, Zawada began the production of Into the Heart (2004) with Studio Pros, that she has since renamed ‘Made for More.’  This song been recorded with her first male vocalist, an R&B soul singer.   She hopes to soon begin the full music notation of a collection of inspirational full-choir songs she has written in the last 11 years: Higher Sky (2005), Dawn (2005), What do the Angels Say (2005), It’s All Right (2005), Song of the Risen Love (2008), Nous Sommes les Enfants (2010), Still Here (2011), The Spell is Broken (2014).

Zawada envisions her music transmitted through the finest voices -thus giving them the opportunity to reach and touch as many listeners as possible. She dreams of writing and producing from a home studio; collaborating with artists, choirs and producers; and continuing to teach grade school part-time.

Joy Rising Up, Zawada’s unofficial trademark inspired by the joy generated in so many via Coming to Love, will soon be her registered studio name, a moment she anticipates with her own rising joy.

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  1. Love your inspiration. It is Awesome! I believe you will continue to be successful. Absolutely we need more messages in songs like this!

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