New song coming up!

mixing board 4Thanks to all who funded the ‘Joy Rising Up’ Campaign last Fall, the mixing and mastering of a new song (inspirational ballad) is underway: Made for More -formerly known as Into the Heart (2004) for all familiar with this piece recorded in various demos over the years.  At this time, making a decision to include a Gospel-style ‘choir’ in the last choruses -although still determining if will be recorded as an actual choir or by mixing down the tracks of individual vocalists. So looking forward to its completion within 2-4 weeks time, with my 1st male vocalist, Evan (R & B Soul).  Much appreciation to all who funded the campaign to make this possible!  Joy Rising Up! 🙂

2 comments on “New song coming up!

  1. Exciting times dear Angie. Hope all goes well, looking forward to hearing the results of all your hard work. Joy risin’ up!

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