Call to Action

So much in the cue.  For all supporters, here’s what’s on the burner: the action I’m taking and the support I’m calling in.  If moved, please read and share!

I see to the recording of a back-up ‘Gospel choir’ for ‘Made for More’. Track mixed and mastered.   Have all resources for the project’s completion thanks to the funders of the Joy Rising Up campaign! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Deeply holding the vision for the pick-up and release of ‘When I Call’, perhaps through Taxi, the best A&R company in North America, that I just pitched to again.  And if you feel called, please hold it with me, as this song is SO WORTH IT.  Been picked up twice, and once in a very big way, but not yet sold. Why? Don’t know, but ready now (perhaps I wasn’t ready before) and to bring in at least $10,000 to help build the foundation of Joy Rising Up Studios.  Time to dream big!  Life is short!

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” -Les Brown

What else?

Time, space and professional assistance welcome for the formal, digital full-choir notation of Song of the Risen Love (2005), an anthemic salutation of the New Earth.  This sheet music would be available for any choir interested in singing it.  Sibelius 7 Music Notation software purchased, thanks to the funders of the Joy Rising Up campaign.  *And 5 more full-choir pieces to go after this: Higher Sky (2005), Dawn (2005), It’s Alright (2005), What do the Angels Say (2005), The Spell is Broken (2014), Warm the World (1999) -also known as A Piece of Him.

Professional assistance welcome to gather a choir to sing and record the first full-choir composition that’s come through me, now translated into sheet music: ‘Hold me to this Place’, a mantra for the Earth. Next step: mix it into the soundtrack recorded in 2007 and release as a new piece.

And Unlimited Universe with More than Enough for Everyone, am dreaming big now and am ready to open up a new channel of income, of at least $5000 a month, to step into a life as a full-time song-writer, composer and producer. This includes laying the foundation of Joy Rising Up Studios in my basement, where a choir of at least 20 can record…each with his/ her own microphone/ headset. (Right now, the best studio in town I know of can take a max of 12!)

This is how I choose to live my life…if meant to be.  And I do not know how (sale of a song?) but I stand open and ready to receive any specific guidance and direction anyone may have, particularly in the next 5 days, by August 24th, while I have this relatively undivided window of time.

Show me the way!





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